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Our Mission

The Raybar Group is a global business with investments, consultants & advisors across 3 continents. It was founded in order to consult and help our clients navigate the interconnected Financial, Government, Supply, and Digital world with exceptional results. It has expanded into a multi-faceted portfolio with investments and partnerships that we can leverage to help even more.

At Raybar Group, we are innovative. The talented and adaptable people on our teams are committed to exceeding clients’ expectations by working creatively and with urgency, to provide high-value, high-quality solutions.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the global landscape has changed across the Financial, Government, Supply, and Digital Sectors. We have dedicated our time and focus to support critical business advisory throughout this transition period for corporations and governments globally. We now enjoy a network of over 80+ PPE manufacturers, and partnerships in the USA, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and S.E. Asia for products and distribution.

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Fields of Expertise


Raybar Group maintains ownership stakes in companies with strong intellectual property portfolios.


A successful turnaround requires experienced professionals who recognize the urgency of the required changes and can swiftly and efficiently put into place those necessary and sometimes difficult changes....

Our turnaround specialists at Raybar Group provide a life-line to struggling firms through operational and financial restructuring services.

Our restructuring team has many years of experience as C-level executives in a broad range of industries. Integral to leading a successful turnaround is the ability to navigate the often competing interests of multiple constituencies and stakeholders. Working in concert with senior management, our team will enact the changes necessary to rescue a firm in distress.


Crafting and implementing strategic planning is as critical to turning around a failing company, as is for managing a fast-growing enterprise. Raybar Group provides strategic planning at the business unit...

Crafting and implementing strategic planning is as critical to turning around a failing company, as is for managing a fast-growing enterprise.

Raybar Group provides strategic planning at the business unit level, at the operational level, and at the corporate level.


Raybar Group has a distinguished reputation for structuring finance, distribution, and product marketing deals that will help accelerate a company’s growth.

We have the experience, the preeminent relationships, and have access to a worldwide network of enablers that make it uniquely qualified to open doors and identify opportunities thought otherwise inaccessible.



Our marketing and sales consultants can help your organization plan and execute programs by leveraging Raybar’s access to high-level executives and global distribution channels.


Raybar consulting practice provides world-class expertise in a broad range of disciplines for companies that are experiencing rapid growth, need interim management solutions or later stage executive management


Raybar Group has over 25 years of M&A experience in the US, Europe and the Pacific Rim.

Our experienced M&A consultants have the expertise and relationships necessary to help your organization identify and gain access to acquisition targets, merger partners and/or appropriate suitors for your company.


Raybar corporate finance consultants have a broad range of experience across a diverse array of industries. Our expert legal team and consultants work with you to develop and implement a


Raybar Group has a team with extensive experience in Corporate Governance. With a strong emphasis on enterprise value preservation, Raybar advisors are experienced in matters of governance.

Digital Marketing

With our drastically new approach to strategic digital presence, we help define what you can do with digital today and how it will shape your advantage for the years to come.

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Testing Kits and PPE

As our trusted partner, we built solutions to help our customers actively prepare for upcoming supply constraints to support the volumes they need during the pandemic and beyond.

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Supply Chain​

Raybar Group has the means to protect your investment and goods that are entering the local, and global distribution networks.

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Why Critical Business Advisory? “Because Every Decision You Make in Business is Critical”

Granger Whitelaw - Raybar Group CEO